Announce: Haraka v2.2.0

This release contains a number of API improvements, stability fixes, and new plugins.

Updating should be as simple as “sudo npm install -g Haraka” and restarting your Haraka service(s).

One possible breakage is if your custom plugins check the connection.disconnected flag. You shouldn’t have been looking at the internals anyway.

Full list of changes (includes changes in 2.1.6 which went un-announced):

  • process_title plugin now accumulates outbound stats into “master” process when using cluster
  • support AUTH commands in lower case
  • Fix bug in AUTH when password is empty
  • Implemented basic line length limits to prevent consuming all RAM
  • Added reset_transaction hook
  • Fixed bug in outbound envelope reading when envelope/notes contains chars > 0x7F
  • If no plugin accepts a recipient, default to 5xx instead of 4xx so senders find out immediately
  • Support haraka -h when PAGER is set
  • Allow control over quarantine plugin to stop processing further plugins instead of continuing
  • Added a Dockerfile (see http://docker.io/)
  • Provide a log entry at end of outbound delivery like we have for inbound, detailing the summary of what happened
  • Fixed cases where disconnect hooks could be called twice

New Plugins

Many, if not most, of this work came from outside contributions. Please see Github for a full list of authors.


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