craigslist deploys Haraka

craigslist deploys Haraka SMTP Server

craigslist has implemented Haraka SMTP Server, based on its compelling combination of scalability and configurability.

craigslist classifieds are used by over 50 million users each month in the US alone, generating massive demand for its email relay services – demand that Haraka is designed to accomodate with ease.

Haraka plugins written in Javascript can access any part of the SMTP conversation, for email filtering, sender and recipient filtering and modification, authentication, content modification, and custom delivery. By leveraging the Node.js framework, the Haraka project provides extremely high mail server performance along with ease of use and flexibility.

craigslist has contributed significantly to Haraka development, and hopes to continue providing new plugins and features to the open source project.

Haraka can be found here: http://haraka.github.com/


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